Neutron Shielding Doors

Completed swinging neutron door
Neutron Door Frames are constructed from Grade A-36 Steel per approved drawings and are supplied shop prime coated. These frames are usually shipped to the jobsite and installed when the concrete walls are poured. They include rough in boxes for automatic operators and limit switches.

Top view of linear ball screw with automatic oilers.

Neutron Doors and Frames are an important part of radiation shielding for Linear Accelerator Vaults. These doors are supplied with heavy duty weld on or bolt on hinges. Sliding Direct Shield Doors with a support framework are also available when the protective concrete maze is not practical.

Direct shielding neutron doors

Heavy weight doors can be manufactured with a removable faceplate. This allows the door to be safely hoisted into position weighing less than 50% of it’s final weight. After installation, the door can be field loaded with the required amount of lead and borated polyethylene.

Top view of linear trolleys

When a larger then normal clear opening is required, two doors can be mounted together with a lead lined astrigal to meet shielding requirements. The doors are operated by two automatic openers that can work in unison or independently.