Lead Lined Drywall

Lead lined wall systems are commonly used in radiation treatment rooms, CT and PET Scan facilities, and x-ray rooms in hospitals, clinics, dentists and chiropractor offices, and veterinary clinics.

Lead thickness ranging from 1/32″ (2 lb. per sq. ft.) through 1/8″ (8 lb. per sq. ft.) can be applied to drywall. Fire rated gypboard in 5/8″ thickness is standard but 1/2″ can be supplied when needed. Lead shielding from 1/8″ to 7/8″ can be applied to 3/4″ Fire Rated plywood for a safer and easier installation. 

Our lead lined drywall is shipped complete with joint strips and lead screw caps. When installed together correctly, they produce a leak free radiation barrier.