Interlocking Lead Brick

Radiation therapy walls and ceilings constructed with lead brick offer the best radiation protection value per inch of wall thickness. Felxibility and conservation of space benefit oncology departments by increasing the level of current and future patience care in a demanding, competitive industry.

Unlike cement walls that require 3 to 7 feet of thickness, lead brick provides the same protection with only 4 to 8 inches. The thinner walls allow placement of more powerful linear accelerators within the original footprint of the building, without sacrificing valuable building space. Building with lead brick allows a hospital to upgrade its radiation equipment to meet a wider ranger of therapeutic requirements.

Lone Star X-Ray Shielding manufactures all its own lead bricks to ensure quality and conformance to customer specifications. Choosing Lone Star X-Ray Shielding bricks means quality assurance backed by the experience of more than 25 years in the lead industry.

There are several features that make Lone Star X-Ray Shielding bricks among the best available. Shape, density and surface quality are critical to stop all radiation; they are also factors that allow quick and efficient installation. The interlocking style eliminates leakage between bricks. Bricks are available in common as well as custom sizes to meet invidvidual project specifications. Safe and timely installation is the final step in providing complete quality assurance and customer service to Lone Star X-Ray Shielding’s radiation protection clients.